The Binn Ecopark is one of Scotland’s largest and most integrated waste management facilities.

The site processes a wide range of non-hazardous wastes including household waste, trade waste and industrial waste including construction and demolition waste. The management of the wastes received at the facilities at the Eco Park has a primary focus on recycling material for further use in the productive economy. The site is the location of the Binn Skips and Binn Waste Management businesses. It also hosts recycling operations managed by Suez Environnement and Earnside Energy Ltd.

As this facility develops it will gradually integrate and develop a range of next generation recycling processes. These will include circular economy concepts related to the conversion of recycled materials into new products. The Ecopark will also evolve other areas of low carbon and clean technology developments including renewable energy systems and advanced food production. The facility currently employs about 160 people across its various operating facilities.

Binn ecopark

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