Binn Group fire plan blazes a trail at safety awards

Binn Group lifts the Stevenson Shield at this year’s Scottish Chamber of Safety (SCoS) Awards.

A Fire Improvement Project – developed by leading Scottish waste management and recycling company Binn Group following a site blaze –  has been recognised in this year’s Scottish Chamber of Safety (SCoS) Awards.

The Glenfarg-based company has lifted the Stevenson Shield for a project which includes the formation of a specially trained fire response team within the workforce and the development of a one million litre lagoon to supply pumped water on any on-site fire.

Binn Group has also added a fire van to its fleet – kitted out with a diesel pump and hose – as part of their project, designed to not only protect lives, but the millions of pounds worth of plant and equipment housed at the major waste management complex.

The company received their trophy at a special awards event in Glasgow this week. And a delighted Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) manager Kris Greig described the award as a “fantastic recognition” for the entire workforce.

“The Fire Improvement Project was devised following a costly fire in one of the plants in 2014,” he explained.

“Although Binn Group was in no way negligent with the level of fire prevention and response measures at the time, we realised that we could do a lot more to protect our own.”

One of the issues addressed was the fact that the nearest water hydrant is two miles from the rural site. Binn Group used a nearby burn to feed a newly constructed lagoon which now supplies a million litres to fight any blaze.

“We’ve also trained a team of 10 people who train every week and can respond night or day to deal with an outbreak to a certain degree until Scotland Fire and Rescue arrive,” explained Mr Greig.

The Fire Improvement Project and its associated control measures now see Binn Group operate one of the best-prepared fire response operations in the country.

“We’re as good as it gets,” said Mr Greig, “and this award shows that our model is one to be applauded and the workforce to be congratulated for all their efforts.

“The Project focussed everyone on the potentially devastating effects of fire on people, equipment and livelihoods and the steps that can be taken to minimise those effects during any outbreak. I’m delighted not only in how the team has taken this all on board, but also that everyone’s efforts have been rewarded with an award from the Scottish Chamber of Safety.”


Binn Group Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) manager Kris Greig and Jenna Moir, SHE co-ordinator, proudly show off the industry award.