Information on the Proposed Application to Develop an Energy from Waste (EfW) Facility at Binn Farm, Glenfarg, Perth

Scotland’s Zero Waste Strategy and the associated legislative drivers are committed to the delivery of a sustainable resource management system to support the transition to a more circular and low carbon economy. The zero-waste plan supports all aspects of the waste hierarchy including waste prevention, preparing for re-use, recycling, recovery of other value (i.e. energy) and, as the last resort and where permitted, disposal.

In light of these legislative drivers including the forthcoming landfill ban and the extensive application of kerbside recycling for both household and commercial recyclates, and food waste, the most sustainable option for the remaining residual waste is to send this to Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities within Scotland.
The Binn Group proposes to submit an application to develop an Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at Binn Farm, Glenfarg, Perth Scotland PH2 9PX. The application is to develop an EfW facility capable of recovering energy from 84,900 tonnes of waste per annum (tpa), an extension of 24,900 tonnes on the 2007 and 2011 planning permissions.

This facility will not only provide a solution for the non-recyclable residual waste generated on site, but will also be available as a residual waste management option for the neighbouring local authority and private waste contractors, as well as contributing to the capacity Scotland needs to take full responsibility for the treatment of its own residual waste.

Note: the submission of this full planning application with a formal pre-consultation phase is being undertaken in this format following further discussion by Binn Group with Perth & Kinross Council’s Planning Service. This amended approach reflects a change in the agreed consultation process compared to that outlined in our draft application which was circulated in January 2020 and which applied a voluntary consultation. Other aspects of the proposed application are unchanged at this time.

The following community information documents are now available to view:

Community Information Leaflet

Executive Summary

Community Briefing Note

Frequently Asked Questions

Draft Environmental Impact Assessment

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