Our mission statement

To be Scotland’s leading provider of integrated recycling and waste management services to the benefit of the local and national economy and the environment.

Our vision

Binn Group recognises that waste management, renewable energy, and food security are industries that are central to sustainable development and secure societies. We will seek to meet this challenge in innovative ways that make good business sense whilst reducing environmental impacts and increasing regional and national self-sufficiency in these key areas.

Moving towards greener and more sustainable regional and national economies will require the careful evaluation of new technologies and services. We will innovate in the development of industries that are synergistic and integrated to help develop a new industrial ecology for the 21st century in both the Tayside and Scottish economy.

Binn Group will seek to create new development and business partnership models that recognise the inter-relationship of industry, local authorities, Government agencies and communities in defining more sustainable long term societies whilst conducting its operations to the highest standards of environmental and good business practice.

our services
Binn Group truck and van with company branding

Scotland’s leading independent waste management provider

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  • "It made sense for a large club aspiring to become more environmentally friendly and recycling aware to team up with one of the best waste management companies in the business."

    Dougie Cleeton
  • "The partnership with Binn Group has been an incredibly effective one for our business. Our team commend them for doing such a good job."

    Siobhan McConnell
  • "We're grateful to Binn Group for their support, their sponsorship has helped to raise our profile and we can't thank our sponsors enough."

    Donna Doran