Management Team

Our team are experienced in advising customers on the most affordable and best way to manage waste and are fully compliant with the highest regulatory standards.

John MacGregor, Chairman of Binn Group

John macgregor

Binn Group Chief Executive Allan MacGregor leaning on his chair

Allan MacGregor



Brian Harkins


David Sanderson

Group Finance DIRECTOR

Irvine Morrison

transport DIRECTOR

Stewart Smith

Operations Director

Senior management

eilis stevenson

Head of sales

paula thomson

Head of Administration

audrey duckworth

Head of environment

Angus Nelson

Head of Transport

Jacqueline Stewart

head of finance

Guy MacGregor

Head of Business Development

Scotland’s leading independent waste management provider

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  • "It made sense for a large club aspiring to become more environmentally friendly and recycling aware to team up with one of the best waste management companies in the business."

    Dougie Cleeton
  • "The partnership with Binn Group has been an incredibly effective one for our business. Our team commend them for doing such a good job."

    Siobhan McConnell
  • "We're grateful to Binn Group for their support, their sponsorship has helped to raise our profile and we can't thank our sponsors enough."

    Donna Doran