HMRC Announcement – Landfill Tax Implications

HMRC announcement

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has announced two changes to the rules governing Landfill Tax.

In a statement issued on May 18, HMRC outlined plans to impose tax on material used for overlying layers for topping off Landfill cells.

In addition, fines from recycling processes, grit and screenings will no longer be eligible for the lower £2.50 rate of Landfill Tax applied to inert material and must be charged the full rate of £64 a tonne. (see full brief at

Following the recent announcement re. the above, Binnwaste Management is introducing new procedures as to how they process materials that previously went to landfill as “inert” to ensure compliance with HMRC new regulations.

While this may have financial implicatons on the minority of our customers, please be assured Binnwaste Management is working towards minimising the impact. Please be assured there will be no changes to our pricing structure at present.

Managing Director Allan MacGregor states: “While we appreciate our customers’ concerns regarding the financial implications of these changes, Binnwaste Management is working in conjunction with all relevant parties to minimize the impact of these new regulations.

“Binnwaste Management as normal is taking the ‘positive’ attitude towards introducing these changes which are being imposed upon the industry in general. Negativity is something we don’t embrace.”

Anyone requiring waste collection should be aware that their responsibility does not end when that waste is collected. Local agencies have seen an increase in fly-tipping and we would respectfully remind all waste producers of their Duty of Care to ensure their waste is disposed of in accordance with current legislation.

If you have any queries regarding this – or any other waste management issue – please don’t hesitate to contact us direct on 01577-830833

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