Business as usual following landfill closure

Landfill closes

SITA recently announced its intention to close the landfill operation at Binn Farm at the end of September.

While this means that no waste will be able to go to the expired site from the closure date, Binn Group is keen to stress that our multi-functional waste collection, recycling and outsourcing operations continue unaffected at the Glenfarg waste management complex.

As a business, Binn Group has been sending less and less residual waste to landfill in recent years and clients should be assured it is “business as usual” following the SITA site closure.

The company remains committed to maximising all potential recycling opportunities from our extensive waste processing facility. In the past few years our strategy has been to deliver a Zero Waste To Landfill solution for our customers and we continue to do exactly that.

Our current recycling rates are in excess of 85% with immediate ambitions to divert the remainder to “waste to energy” operations through significant on site investment.

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