Colour-coding has waste management in the bag

New recycling bags

Binn Group has colour-coded all it’s collection bags in a bid to make waste segregation and recycling optimisation even easier for their customers.

Thousands of the new see-through separated waste stream bags are distributed and collected throughout Binn Group’s vast area of operations each week and bosses are confident the colour-coded system will bring tangible benefits to all.

“We had previously introduced colour-coding for all our bins and opted to follow up with corresponding system for our plastic bags,” explains commercial manager Jim Brown. “We have done away with all the solid coloured bags and replaced them with transparent bags with coloured strips for different waste streams.

“We want to be able to see what is in each bag and identify if it complies as per the colour-coding,” he added. “This makes things easier when the bags reach the recycling complex and allows us to capture as many recyclables as possible. ”

The new bags are being introduced at no additional cost in a rollout programme throughout Perthshire, Dundee, Angus, Fife and Central Scotland.

The recently introduced colour-coded bins simplify the waste segregation at source opportunities for customers with green lids for DMR, brown for food and black for general waste.

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