Zero waste from foam-filled fun

Foamy people

Binn Group is looking forward to another busy year as waste management providers at key events throughout Scotland.

Recognised as one of the leading event management, collection and recycling companies, Binn Group offers the perfect waste solution for all occasions from small community events to major national festivals.

Among those to benefit from the service in 2014 was the fun-filled student festival “Raisin Weekend” at St Andrews University when hundreds of first year students dressed up in a variety of creative costumes and took part in a massive shaving foam fight that is broadcast across the world’s media.

Binn Group stationed two large skips near the action, along with dedicated glass and food waste bins to help separate the waste.

This separation process led to 2014 being the first ZERO WASTE Raisin Monday, meaning that everything collected was able to be recycled.

All the waste was collected by Binn Group and taken to their recycling facility just 30 miles west of St Andrews. The collected food waste was anaerobically digested, turning the waste into biogas and biofertiliser, which will be used to produce heat and electricity, and fertiliser.

The recovered plastic, cardboard, and wood waste was then separated and recycled for – among other things – plastic bottles, fleeces, newspapers, tissue paper, MDF, animal bedding, and biomass fuel.

As a result, 2014 was the first time no waste has been sent to landfill following the foam-filled fun.

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