Binn Group are proud Ambassadors for SWITCH

Binn join Switch

Binn Group is delighted to be one of the 30 organisations who make up the SWITCH Forum. SWITCH (Scottish Waste Industry Training, Competency, Health & Safety) is a multi-partnership forum made up of organisations across all sectors within the resource management industry with two main areas of focus:

Health & Safety: Supporting continual improvement in health and safety
Education, Training & Competence: Creating training, learning and development opportunities
The Forum aims to provide leadership by working collaboratively to raise standards of health and safety, training, learning and development, and technical competence. The Forum ultimately looks to promote the Scottish resource management industry as an attractive career choice. A range of organisations make up the SWITCH Forum including representatives from private waste management companies, advisory bodies, local authorities, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland amongst others.

Binn Group Commercial Manager Jim Brown, who sits on the forum, described the new body as “a unique, forward-thinking and ambitious group” within the industry” in that it brings together all aspects of the resource management sector to the same table.

“Binn Group represents SMEs on the forum and it is great that we can give them a voice in a gathering that includes operators, regulators and the Scottish government,” he said. There is a misconception that the waste industry does not offer good career opportunities and we want to work to change that.

The SWITCH Forum offers all those involved in any aspect of the industry a chance to work together on key ambitions such as enhancing Health & Safety, advancing technical competency and up-skilling the workforce.

“Binn Group is delighted to be playing a key role in driving the industry forward into an exciting and developing future.”

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