Binn Groups drives forward Scotland’s Modern Apprenticeships

Binn Modern Apprentices

Binn Group is helping drive forward Scotland’s Modern Apprentice scheme by offering two places each year to young people interested in pursuing a career behind the wheel of their vehicles.

The Perthshire-based waste management and recycling leaders currently employ more than 40 drivers across a fleet of vehicles ranging from pick-up trucks to articulated lorries. Now they want to give apprentices the chance to learn all aspects of the LGV driver’s trade through the new scheme.

“There is a shortfall of around 80,000 drivers in the UK at present,” explained Binn Group Transport Manager Mark Cairns. “Here at Binn Group we are looking at an ageing driver population and – like other employers across the country – we have to do something to address the problem of high demand and low supply. Encouraging young people into the profession is essential if we are to stem the tide and the Modern Apprentice vehicle allows us to do just that.”

Binn Group plans to recruit its first driver apprentice this autumn and continue to employ one new apprentice every six months. The new starts will undergo a year’s training in all aspects of the job – from washing waste collection vehicles through to basic mechanics – as well as their focussed driving instruction.

“The scheme allows apprentices to learn while working and earning a wage and gain a qualification at the end of it,” said Mark. “We also intend to give our apprentices a full-time job at the end of their training.”

Apprentices keen to take up Binn Group’s offer will find themselves rotating through all the vehicle platforms at the company, working on large 18-tonne waste collection vehicles and 44-tonne articulated lorries as well as vans and pick-ups as they work their way through their LGV Class 2 and Class 1 training. They will also work in the workshops and alongside the management to learn all sides of the driver/operator’s job.

Anyone interested in applying for an LGV Driver Apprenticeship at Binn Group should contact Mark Cairns on 01577 830833 or email

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