Binn Group top of the class with unique Kinross High School project partnership

Binn at Kinross High

Binn Group has gone back to school to support an exciting new project which helps prepare school leavers for the world of work.

The innovative “Made In Scotland Partnership” being piloted at Kinross High School has been engaging and inspiring senior pupils as they gain hands-on experience to develop a range of soft skills including communication, confidence, likability, presentation and engagement. The Partnership also brings together education and industry, with leading Scottish waste management company Binn Group sponsoring the Kinross High School trial.

Course provider Gary Robinson of Tayside-based GRC (Gary Robinson Communications), detailed the aims and ambitions of the unique project.

“The ‘Made in Scotland Partnership’ is a project that brings together Scottish industry with the Scottish education sector to engage and inspire young people to succeed on their chosen route to either further education or to the world of work,” he said.

“The project focuses on the development of communication skills, on passion, on commitment and on focus in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Mr Robinson has been providing presentation, communication and personal skills courses to adults in business for many years and it was his belief that these skills should be honed at a much earlier age that led to the development of the “Made n Scotland Partnership”.

“Most young people are excellent at social media communication but many have lost the art of dealing with people face-to-face,” he explained. “By developing their ability to present themselves well, communicate effectively and promote themselves with confidence and likability, it will ultimately increase their employability and better prepare them for the world of further education and work.”

Binn Group Chief Executive Allan MacGregor said the company was delighted and proud to support such an innovative and inspired project

“To develop the workforce of tomorrow by helping young people hone the interpersonal skills required to impress and succeed in the modern world is something we feel passionately about,” he said. “Binn Group is more than happy to have sponsored this pilot project at Kinross High School and hear of its success.

“This partnership project delivers real tangible benefits and outcomes for both industry and the young people involved and we congratulate all those involved in bringing it to fruition.” Sarah Brown, Headteacher at Kinross High, praised the programme and said she was proud to have it trialled at the school.

“As part of the Scottish Government’s current focus on Raising Attainment For All, we are developing the essential soft skills of our pupils which are needed by employers in the world of work. Some of our S4 pupils have followed a planned programme during the former exam leave period in May. As part of this programme, they undertook activities in partnership with employers to develop their communication and interpersonal skills.

“The Scottish government’s commitment to have schools form and sustain links with local employers is advantageous and commendable,” she added. “The reality is that there are so many opportunities where these interpersonal skills will prove invaluable to our pupils and we are very appreciative of the Binn Group for sponsoring these professional workshops at Kinross High School and we are so grateful for their foresight and commitment to this area of personal development.”

Mr Robinson said he aspired to develop and deliver the Made In Scotland Partnership at schools across the country and hoped the Scottish Government and other potential industry sponsors would recognise the unique benefits of the project following the successful trial at Kinross High School.

The four-day course for young people culminated in a series of inspirational presentations by a team of inspiring adults who are leading professionals in their chosen field, attended by around 150 senior pupils. The speakers included a leading sportsman, radio presenter, hairdresser and CEO who offered the teenagers first-hand advice on how to use these so-called ‘soft-skills’ in order to achieve their ambitions.

*Caption: Made In Scotland Partnership course provider Gary Robinson with Kinross High School headteacher Sarah Brown, Binn Group commercial manager Jim Brown and some of the pupils working on the pilot project.

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