Kris Greig and Danny McAtear join our team

Kris Greig (left) and Danny McAtear head up Binn Group’s new in-house SHE and HR departments.

Full-time SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) and HR (Human Resources) officers appointed.

As Binn Group grows and develops, the company has brought both SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) and HR (Human Resources) services in-house with the appointment of full-time officers to manage each sector.

Kris Greig joins the team as SHE manager. The former yard manager with William Tracey is responsible for ensuring Binn Group complies with all Health and Safety regulations and that employees arrive safely, work safely and get home safely.

“Health and Safety has been part of my work life for many years and Binn Group offered a new set of challenges as well as expanding my remit within the SHE sector,” he explained. “It’s been a great move and I enjoy the work I do within this new management role.”

Kris (32), from Falkirk, is married with two young sons. He’s a big Dunfermline FC fan and also enjoys golf – especially at his favourite King’s Course at Gleneagles.

Away from the pressures of being responsible for the well-being of Binn Group’s 130-plus staff and visitors, Kris is also a good chef with Thai Red Curry being his impressive signature dish.

Danny McAtear (23) graduated in law from Dundee University before being head-hunted by Binn Group. After a month on the switchboard gaining an insight into every aspect of the company’s work, Danny settled in to his role as HR Co-ordinator.

“It’s a big challenge but really enjoyable – developing a whole new and innovative in-house HR structure for Binn Group,” explained Danny. “It’s very rewarding to create new systems in a way that’s never been done before and to see it prove its worth in this growing company.”

Danny lives in Kinross with his girlfriend and lists football, golf and music among his favourite pastimes.

“I play guitar, piano and sing,” said Danny, “and even played at T In The Park in 2014 with my old band.”

And with music tastes ranging from folk to pop, Danny has no shortage of musical heroes.

“Dylan is my ultimate hero,” he said, “but the highlight of my life so far has to be when I was photographed with Snoop Dog!”

* Photo caption: Kris Greig (left) and Danny McAtear head up Binn Group’s new in-house SHE and HR departments.

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