Healthy working lives – Binn Group leads the way in employee health and wellbeing

Healthy Working Lives

Binn Group is proving an industry pioneer as it positions the mental health and physical wellbeing of it’s 120-plus employees as a key priority.

Two managers at Binn Group are training in Mental Health First Aid as the company works towards the government’s Healthy Working Lives accreditation.

Kris Greig, Binn Group’s Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) manager, explained the need to ensure every one of their employees had access to advice and support across the whole gamut of physical and mental health issues as well as life and wellbeing concerns.

“It is part of every employer’s responsibility to safeguard the wellbeing of their staff,” he said. “At Binn Group we want to go the extra mile and create a working environment and support system that gives each worker peace of mind that help and advice is available.”

Binn Group has been working with the charity SPEAK to support men’s mental health and HSBC has been providing employees with advice on budgeting and savings.

“Myself and HR Manager Danny McAtear are also on a mental health first aid course so that we can offer on-site support backed by the professionals,” explained Kris.

“This gives our employees somewhere to go and someone to talk to if they need help or advice with a problem or an issue that’s worrying them.” The rapidly developing care package at Binn Group covers all aspects of employee’s care including diet, fitness, mental and physical health, sleep patterns, work demands, family and home support.

Newly expanded employee accommodation has been looked at with additional structures already in place for the traffic division. In addition to locker, changing, kitchen and dining facilities throughout the site. (see featured image)

“It is in every company’s interest to care for their workers’ health and wellbeing,” said Kris. “A healthy happy team will prove more motivated and productive and create a contented and supportive working environment for everyone.

“Binn Group can lead the way in this provision,” added Kris, “creating a blueprint for other companies within the industry to follow. If we can show results from the good work we’re doing, it will hopefully lead to similar advances elsewhere.

“This is a hard-physical industry involving a team who often don’t really like to discuss their problems,” he added, “but we have to change that and put a safety net in place to ensure our staff know they are valued and will be looked after.”

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