Fleet Investment

Binn Group’s operation is not just about getting today’s job done. There is a huge amount of forward planning that goes into securing the company’s success in the future. And one of the main areas where forward planning is essential is fleet renewal and replacement.

The company’s transport chiefs are already selecting trucks which will be delivered for operations starting next summer.

Here’s the story of the latest waste collection vehicle which has just hit the road for Binn Group. A story which began last August…

Transport Manager Mark Cairns explained that the drivers at Binn Group are responsible for the care and cleaning of their vehicles.

“Everyone loves getting a new lorry,” he said, “and we try to operate a one driver, one vehicle system so that our team can take a pride in caring for their new truck.

“We have to look a year ahead to see what vehicles will need replaced. This new Scania will work for us for five years – by year four I will be ordering a replacement.”

Binn Group operates a fleet of over 40 vehicles including articulated units, trade waste vehicles, skip lorries, hook lift vehicles and tipper lorries plus a further 20 specialist industry trailers such as walking floors, ejector units, tipping trailers and curtain sided units.

Mark, who has been with the company since it began, compares the new truck with Binn Group’s starter vehicles.

“It’s changed days for drivers,” he said. “These new vehicles are Rolls Royce standard compared to the old trucks. You’re now kept comfortable, warm, safe and assisted with all aspects of operation. Some even have overnight sleeper cabs, fridges and microwaves.”

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