Customer Focus – Q&A with Robertson Group

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Binn Group is proud to service the resource management and recycling needs of many leading Scottish companies and venues.

For our Customer Focus, Binn Buzz asked long-standing client – the Robertson Group, Scotland’s leading large privately owned property, construction and infrastructure group – about its relationship with Binn Group and the service it provides.

Tony Grundy, Sustainability Manager with the Robertson Group, fields our questions.

What waste streams do you produce?

Our top waste streams as a Group currently are:

  • Soils
  • Inert
  • Mixed / Demolition
  • Concrete
  • Hazardous
  • Timber
  • Metals
  • Bituminous (Non hazardous)
  • Plastic, including packaging
  • Plasterboard / Gypsum
  • Wastes from mechanical treatment of waste
  • Bricks

What were you looking for in a waste management provider?

We needed a competent company that is both proactive and compliant with regards to legislation. We looked for them to work with us to provide a good service and work towards our sustainability goals and achievement of data collation.

Why Binn Group? And how long have you been using them?

Binn Group was successful in compliance to our tender criteria and tick all of the boxes as noted above. We have been working with Binn Group for over five years.

What sites do they service?

Binn Group is currently working in predominantly the Tayside / Angus / Fife regions, servicing Construction and Residential business units.

Do you appreciate full detailed record keeping of this service? Do you make use of it in reporting?

Absolutely – for us this is a major tender compliance criteria – as we use the data for many reasons.

How satisfied are you with the service provided by Binn Group?

The service provided by Binn Group is very good.

How would you sum up the working relationship between yourselves and Binn Group?

We have a very good proactive relationship.

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