Binnwaste Management launch food waste initiative

Binnwaste Management is pleased to announce a new partnership with CORE, a charitable organisation who re-invests into Cyrenians’s social businesses; helping to create jobs and volunteering/training opportunities for disadvantaged people.

Binnwaste Management can now offer a separate food waste collection to businesses around the Tayside area demonstrating a competitive and environmentally friendly recycling solution for their food and catering waste.

Scottish Government intends to introduce legislation requiring separate collections for food waste. This will apply to commercial and industrial premises as well as collection of household waste by local authorities. The Scottish Government will consult on its proposals for legislative measures to come into force in 2013.

Learn more about food waste legislation here.

Binnwaste Management Food Waste solution
The service offered is 240lt or 500lt wheeled bins that are sealed to prevent odour and vermin. The bin/s are collected once per week and can replace a normal general waste bin by as much as 2.5 bins.

Separate collection of segregated food waste, enables it to be treated through Anaerobic Digestion processes, producing biogas that can then be used to produce heat or electricity, displacing fossil fuels and contributing towards Scotland’s renewable energy targets.

The Anaerobic Digestion process produces an organic fertiliser and nutrient source, which, in turn can displace carbon intensive chemical fertilisers, contributing towards sustainable soil strategies and sustainable food production.

The future vision for Binnwaste Management customers is that their site will eventually only have a food waste bin and a recycling bin on the premises and NO requirement for a general waste bin for Landfill.
For a FREE Waste Audit and Food Waste Consultation please contact Carol Holbien-Neville – 01577 830833.

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