Binn Group supports Perth Show

Perth Show 2014

Binn Group is proud to be supporting the Perth Show, which has been celebrating agriculture for over 150 years. The company has supported the show for a number of years and is once again one of the main sponsors.

Binn Group Chief Executive Allan MacGregor says “We are proud to support the Perth Show. We understand the importance of the agricultural sector to Perthshire and Scotland. Our family has a strong farming tradition and we still rear sheep and beef cattle at Binn Farm.”

This year Binn Group is launching a new cattle bedding product, using the finest timber fines, at Perth Show. Timber fines offer clean, hygienic, comfortable and affordable cattle bedding. Binn Group produces around 150 tonnes of the finest timber fines bedding each week, ensuring a constant supply to farms throughout the region – from small-holdings to large beef and dairy herds. Proven to increase comfort and offer easy-handle spreading and removal, this product is the ideal bedding solution for cattle.

We would be pleased to welcome visitors to our stand G1 at the Perth Show.

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