Binn Skips makes way for Binn Group

Binn Group

Rebranded company poised to lead Scotland’s waste management revolution.

Binn Skips (Binnwaste Management) Ltd. has undergone a major rebranding aligning the business at the forefront of the country’s waste management revolution.

Established over 20 years ago by father and son John and Allan MacGregor as a land diversification project on their estate at Binn Farm, Binn Skips quickly became a household name for all skip hire needs for both domestic and trade clients.

Rapid growth saw the company expand and evolve beyond their original landfill site provision and skip hire business to create Scotland’s largest and most diverse independent waste management operation, employing around 100 people.

Now, as the company undergoes further expansion in response to increasing national focus on the waste management sector, the newly branded Binn Group is poised to drive waste management forward towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly industry.

Launching the new branding at a business breakfast at Perth Show, Binn Group Chief Executive Allan MacGregor explained the need to continually expand and evolve.

“We recognise that the waste industry is changing rapidly and we will eventually become commodity traders and fuel suppliers as a result of our waste collection, processing and recycling operations” he said.

“Waste is no longer something that goes to landfill – it is a valuable resource – and the country is investing tens of millions of pounds in recycling systems and waste-to-energy plants which will generate electricity for the national grid and renewable fuel for biomass boilers.

“Binn Group recognises the change in dynamic from our early days in business and the need for change to develop and structure our business to meet these ongoing requirements in the industry. In conjunction with our waste business the Binn Eco Park concept will help us deliver on the drive towards the circular economy. By linking resource management, renewable energy production, food production and manufacturing from our recycled materials the Binn will become one of the most advanced and integrated demonstrations of the circular economy in Europe”

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 were passed by the Scottish Parliament in May 2012 and Binn Group fully support the Scottish Government’s target to have a maximum of only 5% of waste going to landfill by 2025, 25% recovered through composting or energy recovery and 70% of all waste produced in Scotland being recycled.

Scotland also has one of the most ambitious Carbon Reduction programmes in the world (Climate Change Scotland Act 2009) which aims to achieve a 40% carbon reduction by 2020 and the rebranded company has aligned itself to this target.

“Sustainable and progressive waste management is crucial to Scotland’s ambitious but achievable carbon reduction programme,” said Allan, “and Binn Group wants to be influencing change and spearheading initiatives to meet that goal.

“Businesses are beginning to take sustainability seriously and rebranding gives us the opportunity to take our vision to the wider business community and beyond.

“Our existing brands have achieved that in the past but we are no longer just a waste management company or a skip hire company – we are a group providing a wide range of services and products all driving change and looking to make the country more sustainable,” stressed Allan.

“Over the years the brands of Binn Skips and Binnwaste Management have earned an enviable reputation for efficient professional services and I am confident Binn Group will rapidly be recognised for these same outstanding qualities.”

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