Binn Group scores for Premiership side St Johnstone FC

Binn at McDiarmid

Binn Group is in a league of its own this season as the leading recycling and waste management company again offers sponsorship support to Premiership side St Johnstone FC.

Binn Group has reclaimed it’s place as major sponsors and players proudly display the company name and logo across their backs whenever they take to the pitch. In addition Binn Group will be front of shirt sponsor for the Development Squad for this season.

Group chairman John MacGregor said they are “pleased and proud” to continue long-standing sponsorship with the Perth football club.

“St Johnstone FC is a local company which has earned an enviable reputation nationally,” he said. “This is something we at Binn Group also pride ourselves in.

“It’s also important to support sport, business and industry within our home area and St Johnstone – although the biggest – is just one of many football teams at all levels to which we offer sponsorship support throughout the season.

“Football plays a major part in the social health of our community – from village clubs to Premier League – and Binn Group is more than happy to be associated with it. We are pleased and proud to help St Johnstone bid for the top this season and wish them well in their domestic challenge.”

Caption: Binn Group chairman John McGregor (right) and commercial manager Jim Brown show off the company branded St Johnstone FC strip.

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