Creative Thinking – Student Design Challange


At Binn Group all waste is seen as a resource – not rubbish. And now our environmentally aware company is looking to creative students to help develop waste streams into works of art.

Binn Group is currently in discussion with Perth College UHI and Perth and Kinross Council to establish a Creative Waste Project which will see teams of students compete in a creative design challenge to produce works of art using waste products.

It is hoped that the challenge will attract a large number of entries, with many of the artworks going on to feature in a public exhibition and possibly used as permanent art displays at various locations.

Binn Group Brand and Marketing Manager Louise MacGregor explained that the idea behind the project was to engage young people in the many different uses for waste materials and establish a new “life” for redundant “rubbish”.

“We can provide all the waste materials that these creative designs might need and it will be tremendous to see what ideas the students come up with,” she said. “Binn Group is passionate about recycling and turning waste into artworks fits our vision and ambition perfectly.

“If this project proves successful with Perth College UHI, Binn Group would be keen to roll out the venture to other colleges and universities across Scotland.” It is envisaged that teams of students will each submit design proposals so that all required waste materials can be sourced ahead of the artworks being crafted. These will then form the focus of a Challenge Day at Perth College early in the spring where the completed entries will be judged.

“The aim is to produce artworks which have a zero carbon footprint and are produced on a £0 budget,” explained Louise. “The challenge also sits nicely with 2018 being the ‘Year of Young People’.” Waste streams available will include metals, electronics, plastics, wood, glass, paper, household waste, industrial waste and household waste.

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