Online 24/7 – New Website and Social Media Channels

Binn Group

Binn Group business focuses on customer service, pure and simple.

A business of two distinct parts:

• We help people and organisations dispose of waste, safely, ethically and professionally.

• We help customers fulfil social, and in many cases legal, obligations. We also manage the efficient recovery and re-use of these materials wherever possible.

We recognise that managing resources is of increasing interest to all of us as we seek to reduce waste. Our team understands the need to communicate as clearly as possible the growing range of services that we can provide to customers and other stakeholders in order to minimise waste and maximise re-use. We know that our online presence can help people better understand the materials that we can now recycle.

A clear focus on communicating – whether you are an event organiser, a food manufacturer, work in construction or are a retail business – helps to make our service more understandable and accessible.

Commercial Director, Jim Brown, says: “We have seen a significant increase in people making enquiries via our website and social media. Online channels allow our customers to get the information they need, using the method they prefer, when they want. In today’s busy world, helping our customers to get the service they need, as soon as possible, is good for us all.”

Knowing that the majority of our customers now use mobile or tablet devices, we have made sure that our site is designed to make their experience as simple as possible. Our new website, along with active and engaging social media channels, allows us to provide useful information to customers.

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