New operations centre up and running

A new transport and operations centre is now fully operational at Binn Ecopark.

The new office and staff welfare block, erected at the entrance of the recycling complex, houses all weighbridge and transport division workers. It offers locker, shower, kitchen, dining and meeting facilities for both admin staff, frontline drivers and plant/yard operators.

Created from modular units, the new building incorporates the weighbridge monitoring point, absorbing key staff into the main office complex.

“Having everyone together has been a positive move,” explained Operations Director Stewart Smith.

“Each sector of the operations team is able to communicate easily with each other as they are all now in one large open-plan space. The quality of working life has improved for everyone. Hopefully, it will also help streamline operations at every level for the nine staff working here.”

Stewart also emphasised the improved accommodation for the drivers and operators.

“The block has dedicated locker, toilet and shower facilities for our 60 drivers and 25 yard and plant operators,” he said. “They also enjoy brand new kitchen and dining facilities where they can relax and socialise during their breaks. And a meeting room allows them somewhere comfortable for important personal chats concerning welfare.

“Having somewhere warm and clean – with every modern facility – improves everyone’s wellbeing,” said Stewart. “Binn Group is taking major strides to safeguard the mental health and wellbeing of all our staff. This new accommodation represents a significant step forward.”

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