Business Focus – Why your business needs to Binn its waste

Perth High Street

Every business needs a reliable, committed and efficient waste management solution to link recycling, waste minimisation and value for money.

For over 20 years, Binn Group has been offering the perfect solution to businesses of every size – from small shops and cafes to major industrial, commercial and construction sites.
The company is expert in finding the perfect waste management package for your business to comply with regulations, minimise waste materials, maximise recycling and offer excellent value for money.

Your journey with Binn Group begins with a free consultation – designed to determine what waste your specific business generates and what waste management solution and system suit best.

Expert consultants offer advice on the multi-stranded legislation currently governing all aspects of waste segregation, collection and processing. Businesses have a duty of care to ensure their waste is properly disposed of and Binn Group will ensure your company meets all environmental and statutory compliance requirements.

“For example – your business has to have separate recycling collections, encompassing paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and cans,” explains Commercial Director Jim Brown.

“In addition, if it is a food business that generates more than 5kgs of food waste per week, then you have to have separate food waste collection as well. Businesses that generate glass should also have a separate collection.
Binn Group offers advice on all these aspects and determines the volume and types of waste your business generates, thereby dictating the size of receptacles recommended and the suggested frequency of collection.
“A no-obligation bespoke waste management plan can then be created, offering flexibility to take seasonal fluctuations and business changes into account,” states Jim.

“We also provide and manage all documentation and provide monthly reports of all waste collected if clients require it or want it for their own audits.”

“We want to make sure we never impose a service on clients – but that we offer them the very best service solution that meets all their requirements, specifically tailored to their needs.”

Binn Group provides a service where ALL of the waste goes through a treatment process to separate out the various recyclable materials with only the non-recyclable element going for waste-to-energy processing to become fuel. Nothing goes to landfill.

And every client at Binn Group is treated with the same courtesy and professionalism – be they vast multi-national waste generators demanding constant servicing or small rural operations requiring irregular collections.

Operating from the Binn Farm complex near Glenfarg, the company is in the perfect location to collect and process trade waste from throughout Perth and Kinross, Dundee, Angus, Fife and Central Scotland.

Binn Group has also made a substantial investment in a modern fleet of vehicles engaged in the collection of trade waste, including a range of compartmentalised vehicles capable of uplifting various source-segregated waste streams at the one time.

“Years of experience and expertise and continuous investment at Binn Group provide advanced separation techniques which benefit not only clients but the environment as well,” says Jim.

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