An Update on Project Beacon

An update on Project Beacon

Project Beacon is lighting the way to a circular world of complete plastics recycling thanks to new technologies and an innovative integrative approach. 

Project Beacon combines existing and innovative mechanical and chemical recycling to create a world-first Advanced Plastics Recycling Facility (APRF) at Binn Ecopark, Perthshire. By locating state-of-the-art recycling technologies together, significantly more plastic is kept in the economy and diverted from landfill and incineration, contributing towards Scotland’s ambitious recycling targets. 

Project Beacon is supported by Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Investment Fund (backed by Scottish Government and European Regional Development Funding). 

Phase 2 of Project Beacon, to build an Advanced Plastics Sorting Facility has also gained support of £5.2m from the Tay Cities Deal fund. This Advanced Plastics Sorting Facility (APSF) will enable both household and commercial ALL plastic collections to optimise the feedstock and supply chain for the Phase 1 co-located mechanical and chemical recycling systems. 

The Binn Group will provide the facilities and feedstock support to this new plastics recycling concept. 

John Ferguson of EcoideaM Ltd says: ‘‘This new approach to plastics recycling will enable smaller scale decentralised facilities that are designed to manage most of the plastic types arising in an area. By collecting all plastic, it also changes how the supply chain works.”

The combined mechanical and chemical recycling processes will enable a recycling level of around 90% of all received plastics. Chemical outputs will provide manufacturing feedstocks for industry. 

The mechanically recovered recyclate will largely be washed regrind, with some pelletised product. Some of the pelletised product could be put into future co-located manufacturing facilities. The system is designed for application in a wide range of global contexts as we strive to manage the massive flows of global plastic waste in more effective ways. 

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