Binn Ecopark

Binn Ecopark aerial map at RWM Show 2018

As an established and growing circular economy focused resource management, renewable energy and eco-innovation centre, Binn Ecopark is a great place to do business. 

Since the development of the Binn landfill site, which closed in September 2014, the Binn Farm estate has expanded and diversified. 

Development has included the development of: two separate Material Reclamation Facilities (MRF) treating commercial, industrial and municipal waste; a 30,000 tonne per annum food waste anaerobic digestion facility; 

in-vessel and green-waste composting facilities; a residual waste Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) facility and waste wood processing and storage facilities. 

Planning consent has recently been secured for an Advanced Plastics Recycling Facility (A-PRF) combining mechanical and chemical plastics recycling systems, an energy from waste plant and a four turbine windfarm. This has culminated in Binn Ecopark being one of the most fully integrated resource recovery complexes in the UK, employing over 160 people and providing significant economic benefits and added value to the local economy. 

For an interactive tour of Binn Ecopark please click here.

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