Life-saving defibrillators for staff and local communities


A life-saving defibrillator is to be installed at Binn Group’s Shore Road complex in Perth as part of the company’s continuous improvement programme for employees safety and wellbeing.

Binn Group’s headquarters complex at Binn Ecopark near Glenfarg already houses two heartstart devices which are available for public use as well as the resident and visiting workforce.

Group SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) Manager Audrey Duckworth explained that defibrillators represented a simple way for anyone to play a vital life-saving role in an emergency.

“There is really no way you can go wrong,” she said. “The machine takes you through the procedure step by step and – here’s the myth-buster – you can’t actually shock anyone with the defibrillator that doesn’t need it. It won’t let you so you can’t hurt anyone. You don’t need training and its use can prove a life-saver.”

A sign at the foot of the road leading to Binn Ecopark tells passers-by on the busy Glenfarg road and local residents of the 24/7 availability of a defibrillator on the premises for public use in an emergency.

“You never know when the need will arise for their use and we’re happy to provide defibrillators that could benefit everyone in the area,” said Audrey.

“Our next step is to install a defibrillator at our Shore Road premises in Perth which will be made available to staff and visitors and also workers in the Shore Road and harbour area.

“The more comfortable people become with defibrillators, the more lives can be saved,” said Audrey. “They should be as familiar as a first aid kit for people to reach for when the need arises and we’re delighted that Binn Group is providing this heartstart aid at our premises to benefit both staff and the community.”

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