Customer Focus – Castlecroft

King James XI Business Centre

It’s particularly rewarding when we can see a real long-term effect from working with one of our customers. We caught up with Anne Smith, MD of Castlecroft to talk about her thoughts on using Binn Group.

“Binn Group provides all waste collection – recycling, compactable waste and general waste services for our group businesses, Castlecroft, Keepsafe, Scotbox and Scotloo.”

We have been a customer for over two decades, since working with John and Allan at the start of their venture. Little did we know how Binn Group would thrive and as our businesses have grown, the relationships have developed. We have strong, trusted and excellent working relationships across many levels of each business. What sets Binn Group apart for us is that they are easy to work with and quick to respond and resolve any issues.

Anne adds “What I like about Binn Group is that the two companies have real parallels. Both are family businesses, with a strong family ethos. They work very proactively, and both enterprises work closely in the provision of waste management services for events, where we can provide a comprehensive service. We always turn to Binn Group for waste management. It is important to us that Binn Group is a local provider. Being local, Perth based, means that they can be very responsive and this has a positive effect on reducing the carbon footprint of our business.”

“We are very pleased with the waste management service from Binn Group and look forward to a continued long-lasting relationship.”

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