Binn Group and the Lost Mobile Phone…

Lost mobile phone recovered

Whilst on site at the Doune & Dunblane Show – where Binn Group was providing waste management services – Andy Hay, Events Manager, was approached by a teenage boy, Daniel, who had unfortunately misplaced his mobile phone. 

However, due to Daniel’s smart thinking, he quickly logged onto the “Find My iPhone” app on his dad’s phone to try and locate where his missing phone was. Daniel soon realised that he must have misplaced his phone within one of our bins.

At this point the bin, which had Daniel’s phone inside, had already been picked up by one of our drivers and it was on route back to Binn Ecopark for processing.

Whilst tracking the location of the phone on the app, Andy was able to determine which vehicle the phone was in and where the waste in the vehicle would be processed. 

Andy called ahead to give the team at Binn Ecopark a heads up on the incident and to keep their eyes peeled for the phone whilst sorting through the incoming waste.

Thankfully, due to a little help from technology and the quick thinking of Daniel, Andy and the team at Binn Ecopark, Daniel’s phone was luckily located and handed back to him. 

Pictured is Daniel’s dad Danny, at Binn Ecopark with the recovered mobile phone.

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