BeBinn – Great Mental Health

Allan MacGregor CEO of the Binn Group with the new mental health book

Be safe, Be happy, BeBinn

Employees of the Binn Group will gather at a special celebration this summer to mark the launch of “BeBinn” – the embodiment of the company’s ethos and values to safeguard the safety, mental health and wellbeing of it’s workforce.

Binn Group has already been lauded as a pioneer of mental health care by establishing an industry first, in-house support service for its 140-plus employees.

We are cementing our commitment with the launch of BeBinn and the publishing of a company booklet. This is dedicated to helping staff identify signs and triggers of mental health issues ranging from anxiety and stress to addiction and suicide, tips to ease symptoms, contact details for external help and the practical support available to them through Binn Group.

Danny McAtear, Binn Group HR Manager with the new mental health posters

Chief Executive Allan MacGregor emphasised the importance of a safe and healthy workforce and the positive changing attitudes to mental health.

“Without our employees we would be nothing at Binn Group and it is vitally important to safeguard their health and wellbeing ,” he said.

“We are making the change from a traditionally male-dominated tough culture to one that can embrace the mental – as well as physical – issues affecting our staff.

“Binn Group is a family business and BeBinn is the caring family brand that we want all staff to buy into. We need to support each other, showing that there are colleagues, managers and external experts who can offer help as and when required in addition to the work-related team working that the job demands.

“It’s important for Binn Group to officially mark that change in culture and share with the workforce through BeBinn what we expect of them and what our vision and values are.”

BeBinn ethos encourages and supports the entire Binn Group workforce to be confident, trusted, safe, responsible and reliable – as depicted opposite and promoted 

BeBinn values
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