Any old iron? Don’t just bin it – Binn it!

Scrap metal - alloys

Could you turn some of your old rubbish into cash?

With a little help from Binn Group, manufacturers, businesses, traders and householders can swap their unwanted metalware for same day money.

We are keen to see all scrap metal sent for recycling as we forge ahead in the battle against waste. People can not only help that process along by handing in unwanted metals, but also earn themselves some money at the same time.

“Scrap metal has been a tradable commodity for generations,” explains Binn Group Commercial Director Jim Brown, “and it is still recycled and processed to play a valuable part in the circular economy.

“This is one of the oldest forms of recycling there is,” he said. “Scrap metal reprocesses are regarded as being among the best recyclers in the world and as the global economy continues to develop, metal is a commodity that will always be required.”

The appetite to reprocess and recycle scrap metal back into the system see Binn Group handle a steady stream of materials.

The main avenue is through our three and a half acre site at Shore Road, Perth, where the majority of space is devoted to receiving and sorting scrap metal, backed up by our main plant at Binn Ecopark, Glenfarg.

Despite the continuous deliveries, however, Jim said there was “an unquantifiable amount” of valuable scrap metal lying dormant or useless at people’s homes, businesses or industry.

“New laws introduced in Scotland in 2016 outlawing cash exchange for scrap have seen a welcome reduction in the number of unscrupulous traders and the incidents of metal theft,” explains Jim.

“Payment for scrap must now be made via bank accounts offering a legitimate auditable route for the metals which has closed the door to thieves and illegal traders.”

Binn Group sees the need for scrap metal to feed a demanding industry and is urging everyone to include unwanted metals in their next clear out.

Now the area’s leading scrap metal dealer, Binn Group pays one of the most competitive rates in the country for this resource.

People are invited to either deliver their scrap metal to the Shore Road centre themselves (Mon – Fri, 7.30am – 5pm / Sat 7.30am – 12pm) or arrange for uplift from their premises.

Customers require two forms of ID and a bank account and the agreed value of their weighed scrap will be paid into their account the same day.

In addition to household scrap metals, Jim highlights the most common sources from traders and industry.

“These can be both ferrous and non-ferrous metals,” he said, “ranging from copper and brass offcuts from plumbers, joiners and electricians through to allow wheels from garages or offcuts from engineering works and metal swarf. It all has a value both in monetary terms to the seller and in environmental terms to the country.”

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