BeBinn Launch

Safeguarding physical and mental well-being, announced and presented by CEO Allan MacGregor.

Workers at Binn Group took time out to attend the launch of the company’s pioneering BeBinn programme – the embodiment of the group’s ethos and values to safeguard the safety, mental health and well-being of its workforce.

In a day that combined team-building, strategy and exchange of ideas with thanks, awards and socialising, staff were introduced to the aims and ambitions of the company and the vital role each and every employee will play – and has played.

A rolling programme of activities and interaction also outlined Binn Group’s undertaking to ensure that the 140+ strong workforce would benefit from this unique and forward-thinking initiative to safeguard their physical and mental well-being.

Binn Group Chief Executive Allan MacGregor said the day had been “a great success”.

“As the company grows, I get less and less time to meet and chat with everyone on the team,” he said. “It’s important to me that Binn Group – as a family business – never loses sight of the value of each and every one of our workers. Without their expertise, hard work, loyalty and commitment we would be nothing.

“BeBinn shows them they are a key part of this large ‘family’ and brings us all together in support of each other. It’s been a great event and I, personally, have appreciated the chance to meet and chat with everyone and talk through their issues and answer their concerns,” added Allan. “They should be reassured that Binn Group will be there for them and BeBinn sets the Gold Standard that we will follow to safeguard their physical and mental well-being.”

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