Binn Group promotes anti fly-tipping initiative

The growing blight of fly-tipping in rural communities is the focus of a new initiative involving Police Scotland and Binn Group.

The force’s Rural Crime Division approached the resource management and recycling leaders to support their battle against the growing crime by fronting an awareness raising initiative, which toured the country’s agricultural shows throughout the summer.

“Fly-tipping is a disgusting and costly practice,” said Binn Group Commercial Director Jim Brown. “We were only too delighted to get involved in the police’s bid to highlight the problem.”

A Binn Group skip lorry, bearing a high-profile message urging a halt to fly-tipping, joined the summer awareness campaign, working with rural crime officers at events throughout Scotland.

“As a company with its roots in farming, Binn Group is uniquely placed to understand and sympathise with the dangers and visual impact of thoughtless fly-tipping in the countryside – and have the resources and expertise to collect, process and recycle the selfishly discarded rubbish.”

Mr Brown said that businesses and individuals shamefully use the countryside as a dumping ground for everything from tyres and fridges to bottles and plastics.

“Binn Group is proud to help spread the message that fly-tipping is a crime  and work with Police Scotland to combat the scourge.”

“Their careless disregard for the rural landscape is not only a blight on the countryside, it poses a danger to the environment and is life-threatening to local wildlife and farm livestock,” he said.

“Binn Group is proud to help spread the message that fly-tipping is a crime and work with Police Scotland to combat the scourge.

“People have to learn that driving out to the countryside under the cover of darkness and cowardly dumping large amounts of rubbish instead of taking it to a civic recycling centre is proving a costly and unsightly option for the country – we all suffer as a result of their selfish actions.”

Following the end of 2019’s awareness campaign, Binn Group hopes to continue to work with rural crime officers to expand its involvement in fighting the crime of fly-tipping.

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