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Cameron Motor Group

Binn Group has been proud to work directly with the Perth-based Cameron Motor Group for the past four years, dealing with their entire waste management, collection and recycling requirements.

Servicing the company’s Cameron VW, Cameron Audi and Strathmore Volvo dealership sites on Perth’s Dunkeld Road “Motor Mile”, presents a challenging mixture of routine and unusual waste products for Binn Group. These materials include scrap metal; “hazardous” waste such as aerosols, oily rags, brake fluid, general cardboard, paper, cans, plastics and residual waste.

Years of experience in the resource management industry, however, ensures that sustainable recycling can be applied to everything collected. Jamie Cameron, of the long-established family firm, explained that the comprehensive service provided by Binn Group to all three of their sites allowed the company to fulfill their effective waste management aspirations.

“We have worked with Binn Group for a few years now and have a great relationship with not only the company but the MacGregor Family too,” said Jamie. “As a Group, we are always looking for new ways to manage our waste effectively. Binn Group is certainly very committed and nearly every piece of waste they uplift is either recycled or reused or shipped abroad for alternative fuels,” he added.

“It’s a great pleasure to support a local family business – as we are ourselves.”

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