Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ pandemic update

Dear Customer 

In view of the current coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, we would like to raise your awareness about preventative measures taken by Binn Group to protect our employees, customers and suppliers.

At Binn Group we already have in place BCP (Business Continuity Planning) and DR&CM (Disaster Recovery & Crisis Management) policies and procedures. Over the years these procedures have very occasionally been instigated due to events such as extreme weather impacts, power outages and fuel shortages.

We are currently reviewing and revising to ensure that these policies and procedures, as a matter of good practice, are robust and we are also considering the impact of them being implemented for potentially longer periods of time.  We have already implemented many measures to ensure our contingency planning is effective.

Some of these are detailed below.

  1. Communication and COVID-19 Contingency Plan in place.
  2. BCP team call is in place every day.
  3. Staff up skilling to allow for potential illness.
  1. Home working solution developed for key staff.
  2. Internal Clean Down / Hygienic Guidance issued.
  3. Daily health and wellbeing team checks implemented.
  4. Social distancing/visitor control – only essential contractors and compulsory questionnaire to be completed.

The departments that provide our services to you are receiving regular updates and are being managed to ensure that we can maintain business as usual however, should the situation change and any element of our service provision be affected, we will be notifying our customers via our website – and through our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

To optimise our service and to reduce costs to our customers it is essential that you advise us immediately if you are closing your sites as a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.  We are keen to avoid having to charge for wasted journeys.

We endeavour to offer a normal service going forward and continue to plan for multiple scenarios to ensure that service provision continues despite the many potential outcomes of COVID-19. We are here to help you and your business through these challenging times. If you have any specific needs please do contact your Account Manager.

We thank you for your support during this time.

Yours faithfully

Allan MacGregor CEO

updated information

Dear Customer,

Due to recent developments and updated advice  in relation to Covid – 19 we have decided to stop drivers acquiring customer signatures on their PDA’s for proof of service.

We understand that this is normally a requirement of many of our customers.  However, we feel this measure will help to counteract the spread of Covid -19 and reduce the risks facing both our customers and employees. During this period our drivers will ask you for initials and a surname and write this on the signature pad themselves in your presence.

The above will also apply to our weighbridges at Binn Eco Park and Shore Road, Perth where signatures are required.

We hope you understand the requirement to implement these precautionary measures at this stage as we endeavour to ensure the safety of all concerned.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01577 830833
Thank you

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