Business Growth

Alloa company assets bought by Binn Group

Binn Group has driven forward its strategic business plan, to expand through the acquisition of smaller resource management and recycling sector operators, by taking over the assets of Alloa-based Brightwaste.

Vehicles, routes and customers operated by the Stirlingshire company have now been absorbed into Binn Group’s operation.

“This sees a consolidation of both our resource management operations in certain areas and the expansion of the Binn Group name into other parts of rural Stirlingshire,” said Jim Brown, Binn Group Commercial Director.

The take-over deal also sees Binn Group acquire five waste collection vehicles which will eventually be rebranded as part of the fleet.

“We’re looking to build the business in areas where we haven’t previously operated,” said Mr Brown. “This is the second acquisition of this type that Binn Group has made – the first being Holden Environmental Ltd in Perth. Both bring additional breadth and depth to our offering and help promote our planned business growth.”

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